"Chop it Up"


"Chop it Up"

The purpose of our podcast is to encourage our community to reach its highest potential. We believe that by simply speaking more positively about our circumstances, we can focus on God's will for us. Through "Chop it Up," we hope to showcase the greatness of our youth, inspire others to be positive, and debunk the negative speech that plagues our city.

Our podcast premieres on our Facebook page every even Sunday of every month at 8 p.m. central.

Check out the episodes from May 2019

Our first episode of the month (23) premiered April 28, 2019
On this episode we discussed the Lawton Public Schools Rookie and Teacher of the Year. We also touched on trending topics of the week.

On the second episode of the month (24) was a special "Mother's Day" episode. We offered prizes in a T shirt giveaway. Be sure to go follow TheGreat580 on Facebook to participate in this giveaway. We also discuss how Jesus took care of his mother Mary, even as He died. Tune In!!!